Shipping Policy

At the workshop we try our very best to make sure your items go out on time, are packaged in a method that will protect them from the evil post office, and are also ecologically responsible. We attempt to re-use all of our shipping materials before using new products to help stave the landfill from unneeded trash. In the last 5 years of operation we have only used new packaging in about 7 % of our orders. 

All of our packages are shipped with tracking information and if you would like to add insurance to a package, that can be purchased as well. We suggest to anyone that is ordering from outside of the US to get additional insurance due to the shipping issues we are facing in 2022.

Return & Exchange Policy

The workshop only allows exchange and return of items that are not custom made. This would cover items that are on hand in regular inventory and are in no way customized to your specific needs. If you would like to return an item please contact us via e-mail about this.

The workshop does not permit any return or exchange of items that are perishable or items that are intended for use with bath & body. Once these items have been purchased, the sale is final.

We understand that in certain circumstances our items have been damaged in transit and in this circumstance we will replace any item that arrives damaged from the postal service as long as you provide a photo of the item. It is still up to the discretion of the workshop to accept this and we will communicate with you on whether or not we expect a return shipment of the product prior to exchange.