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How to accurately find your ring size

This blog post is to instruct you on the best way to find an accurate ring size for your ring order.

1. Cut out a simple piece of paper, whether it be copy paper or regular notebook paper roughly the thickness of the ring you will be ordering. A good thickness for this would be about 3/8' or 1/2" strip and make it long enough to wrap around your finger plus at least an inch.

2. Take the piece of paper and wrap it around the finger you would like your ring made for and make sure it is snug, but not so tight that it can not be moved slightly such as when wearing a ring. Please make sure that you take into account your knuckle and ensure you can move this piece of paper

over your knuckle however do not measure at the knuckle but where the ring will sit on your finger.

3. Draw a line across the piece of paper where the paper wraps around your finger and overlaps with itself.

4. Flatten out this piece of paper on a table top and measure from one of the marks to the other and send us this measurement in either mm or inches and we will be able to make you an accurately sized ring.

If you every have additional questions about this process please send us a message or give us a call using the information on our contact form and we will walk you through the process.