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Introducing the 2022 Beard Comb Collection

Whether you have a short beard or long beard, long hair or short hair the new combs that we have just released will make your grooming a pleasurable experience.

We created the new line of combs based around some of the most notorious groups of men in history. We come to you offering the pirate, men with shaggy beards, ridden with saltwater, in need of a grooming. We have the mountain, for those men of the outdoors, perfect for our gentlemen in the Pacific Northwest. Based in Poulsbo, Washington we also had to pay homage to our Nordic ties by making The Viking, a unique comb style with a unique hooked tooth for the mustache shaping we all know and love. Lastly, good ol' fashioned Gunslinger for the wild west enthusiast amongst us.

All of the combs in this lineup are made from solid hardwood, locally sourced from a mill in Port Townsend, Washington. All of the wood is ethically harvested, and when profiling these combs, we use all but 1/8" loss so we can use as much of the vital material as possible, with almost zero waste during the manufacturing process.

Every comb is cut out on our industrial laser and etched with some unique features for each type. All of the teeth are evenly shaped then each comb is finished by hand. We hand sand all of the combs, shape the teeth with a gradual taper and smooth all edges. Then by hand, we file between each tooth giving it a smooth chamfer, so hairs slip through the comb nicely without snagging.

After this, we use a mixture we have made in the shop which includes all natural ingredients of beeswax and mineral oil to protect, waterproof and finish our combs. The beeswax is sourced locally in Silverdale, WA at Stedman's Bee Supply. This finish preserves your comb, gives it a very smooth finish and brings out the beauty of the woods we use.

We hope you find the new comb designs to be something fun and different for your needs in keeping those hairs tamed and looking great. Every comb will come with a custom leather slip sleeve to keep your comb in. These are also handmade in the workshop. Being hand dyed, hand stitched, and hand finished we can offer the best quality leather goods to go with your comb. Each sleeve is made explicitly for the comb.

After purchase all combs will be tight in the sleeve, it takes a week or so for the leather to loosen up a bit and accept the comb with an excellent snappy fit. We are also offering customization to any of our combs for a bit of extra dough. You can add a name, dates, or small quote to the back side of the comb if you are giving it as a gift. For only $10 more any comb, or sleeve can be customized for the person you know, who may need to tame the beard a bit.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to how folks receive our new combs. Please if you have any questions


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